It drives us forward,
opening new doors,
uncovering new possibilities.
From your ideas we create an experience that is relevant, succinct.
~ UX ~ Design ~ Development ~

When you discover yourself, you know what you are capable of.

We understand people, design and technology. We know how to bring them together.

User Experience (UX)

We seek to discover latent and explicit business objectives and define requirements driving your web or mobile project. Then, through a process of wire-framing, prototyping and analysis we align and balance business objectives with user needs. This creates a relevant, succinct experience for the user centred around project outcomes.

Graphic Design

Design with purpose is beautiful. It engages with the user, providing information they need, while setting a mood or tone. Used correctly these three elements inform design that enhances our lives, allowing us to do more of what we love. At Germane Design we love all facets of design, from brand development and collateral for print to user interface (UI) design.

Web Development

We maintain skills in-house covering a range of PHP and .NET frameworks. Coupled with our UX and graphic design capabilities we are well equipped to help you in developing web solutions that are intuitive, functional and achieve organisational goals. We create more than just a solution, we create new experiences from your ideas.

Greatness is determined by service.
Dr. Martin Luthor King, Jr

A small collection to show what Germane Design is all about.

A picture paints a thousand words.

CEO Victoria Intranet

UX, Design, Development

CEO Victoria Leadership

UX, Design, Development

WDMS Web Application

UX, Frontend Development

UX, Design, Development, eCommerce

Ultrafilms Logo and Brand

Branding, Print Design

AS Consulting

Branding, Illustration, Print Design

We are guided by three simple, yet powerful principles.

Passion, Curiosity, Discovery.

  • Passion

    This is the source of our inception, what brought Germane Design into being. It is what goes into every one of our projects and ensures we work ceaselessly to guarantee your success.

    The web is now a part of our everyday experience. There is an almost seamless connection that threads our digital persona to our real lives.

    Our passion is understanding how this connection can be designed to enhance our shared and individual experiences as we transition between the two.

  • Curiosity

    Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

    We are passionately curious about how people transition between their digital and physical spheres, because it is usually in the spaces in-between where the biggest discoveries are made.

    To this end we constantly explore new technologies and methods of execution that promise to add to our everyday interactions, thereby defining new experiences.

  • Discovery

    Without curiosity or passion there is no discovery. However, any journey worth taking starts with self discovery.

    In order to know where we are going we first begin with a discovery process, identifying latent and explicit organisational objectives which articulate a clear direction.

    Set on the right path, we can venture forth to discover what experiences lie ahead.

  • We are
    here for

Meet your team.

We seek to understand your organisation to the extent we become a part of your team.

Pita Oskam

UX and Design

I am a User Experience Designer (UX or UXD). I work under the brand Germane Design, because what I do is about creating relevant, succinct experiences. With more than 8 years experience in marketing, design and online multimedia I have come to specialise in UX, stemming from a passion for understanding how people use web technologies, enhanced through design. My methodology employs a combination of Lean and Agile UX methodologies based on business requirements analysis. I align organisational objectives to user needs, creating a succinct, relevant experience which is intuitive, elegant and delivers measurable outcomes.

Jason Bryant

Business Intelligence

I am the founder and director of Tredale, sister company to Germane Design. Over the past 20 years I have been responsible for creating web applications and business intelligence (BI) solutions with companies such as BP, Prima Consulting and Sensis. Tredale specialises in delivering technical solutions to business problems, offering BI Consulting, Systems Integration and Development, Project Support and Application Support. Tredale has successfully worked on large-scale projects with some of Australia's largest corporate and government departments, offering business and technical skills across a wide range of technologies.

Michael Westcott


I have a life long passion for technology. I began consulting with Tredale 6 years ago where I was responsible for developing reporting and data extraction solutions for IRESS and IPS using Crystal Reports and Excel using VBA. For the past 3 years I have been based in China as Technical Director for IMON Network. I led development of the IMON marketing platform which serves advertising across tens of thousands of screens throughout China based on live data ranging from facial recognition to NFC, identify demographics and engagement. I have recently returned to Australia, re-joining Tredale as Director of Technology.

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~ UX ~ Design ~ Development ~

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